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Specialist Translation Fields

Financial accounting and reporting, in particular IFRSs/IASs, German GAAP (incl. RechKredV), Austrian GAAP, including consolidated and single-entity financial statements, management reports, annual and interim reports, accounting manuals and related documents for commercial and industrial entities, banks and other financial services providers, insurers

Translator of German Accounting Standards (GASs) and other accounting pronouncements for the Accounting Standards Committee of Germany (DRSC/ASCG), Berlin, Germany, since 2005

Translator of standard charts of accounts (e.g. SKR 03/04), management accounting reports (BWA) and other accounting documents for Datev eG

Audit, assurance and advisory, including long-form audit reports, valuation reports

Banking and securities markets, including compliance and risk management

Financial communication/Investor Relations

Banking regulation and supervision, including Basel II, III, IV, CRR/CRD, BRRD, etc.: comment letters and regulatory submissions to European Commission, ECB, EBA, national regulators/supervisors, etc.; national regulatory and supervisory documents; Pillar 3 disclosure reports (Offenlegungsberichte)

Tax law, including tax planning, cross-border taxation, transfer pricing, thin capitalisation, tax accounting, BEPS, VAT

Finance-related court decisions and related documents

German financial legislation, including laws and regulations; guidance publications for financial regulators and supervisors; Book III of the German Commercial Code (HGB) – published as “Deutsches Bilanzrecht/German Accounting Legislation”

Commercial and employment contracts and related documents, standard terms and conditions, M&A and other capital market transactions (IPOs, rights offerings/
capital increases, etc.), company law matters, including shareholder documents, general meeting agendas and resolutions, supervisory board documents